7 Legit Ways To Make Extra Money Today (Income Stream Anyone Can Start For Free)

7 Legit Ways To Make Extra Money Today (Income Stream Anyone Can Start For Free)

 Let me ask you a question,

is your primary source of income

enough to cover your bills

and pay all your monthly expenses?

Now, for most people their

primary source of income,

mostly from their job

it's simply not enough

to cover their overhead.

A lot of people around the world

"make money online extra"

especially in North America,

have to get into debt.

And that's why we have this

credit card debt crisis.

For most people, they

have to get into debt

that they don't know when

they're going to pay it off

in order to just fund

their living expenses,

to fund their kids' college education.

Would you mind paying for this?

I don't have any cash.

Sure, I'll just put

it on my credit card.

I'm never going to pay it back anyway.

- For most people, that one source

of income is simply not enough

just to live a decent life

to make a comfortable living,

unless they have a high income skill

or high income profession,

or they run a business.

And that's just a challenge

that a lot of people face.

And today I'm going to share with you

seven digit ways to

make extra money today.

An income stream that anyone can start.

Now, before I get into it,

knowing that these income streams

they're not designed to

replace your existing income

they are designed to add on.

They're designed to supplement

what you're earning right now.

So these are income streams

that you can start part time.

Right, you can start in the

evening, on the weekends

that shouldn't take away your focus

or effort or whatever

you're doing now to earn

that primary source of income.

Does that make sense?

- Yes sir.

- Let's say you have a job

that's making you $3,000 a month.

What this side hustle is designed to do

is to make you another $500 a month,

$1000 a month.

It helps pay for your mortgage payment.

It helps to pay for your car payment

or your grocery payment.

Doesn't matter what it is.

And these are little income streams

that you can start on the side.

Income stream number one,

sell on eBay or Craigslist.

Now one of the very

early internet businesses

that I started was

actually selling on eBay.

I was actually buying things

from Hong Kong and

importing them to Canada,

actually flipping them on eBay.

Now you do hear this quite often now,

people talk about going to the flea market

or going to Alibaba buying certain things

and flipping it on eBay or

selling them on Craigslist.

You're taking something from

other countries, other places

and then selling them on

a global market platform,

a marketplace, just to

make the difference, right?

You're kind of the middleman

in order to earn a little bit of money.

Or maybe you have some

things in your house

that has been sitting there for a while.

Ask yourself the question,

how could you turn that trash into cash?

Now might be that is trash for you,

may be very valuable to somebody else.

Maybe something that your granddad has

and you may think it's not worth anything

but it may be worth a lot to somebody else

if you put it on Craigslist or on eBay.

It is an easy way to turn junk

into some kind of income stream.

Now it's not something

you want to do longterm

but it is a good way to get started.

Income stream, number two,

drive for Uber or Lyft.

Now, although less people are

traveling because of COVID-19.

But guess what is hot

right now, food delivery.

Anybody, if you have a car

you could get into that business

and start a side hustle that way.

Doesn't take a lot of money.

I was watching some Hong

Kong news and he was talking

about because of COVID-19

unemployment rate is high,

a lot of even white collar jobs are gone.

And some of these people

now they transition

into delivering food and

they've never done it before.

They don't have a whole lot of experience.

It's not easy because you

have to deliver the food.

Doesn't matter is a

rainy day or sunny days,

but they do make a decent amount of money.

In fact, in some cases

they make more money as

a food delivery driver

compared to the white college jobs before.

For some, this is their

main source of income

for some, this is a side

hustle, something that they do

on the weekend or in

the evening after work,

regardless it is an income

stream that anyone can start.

Income stream number

three, become a freelancer.

I'm talking about video editor,

graphic designer, writer.

Anyone could get started.

Because now there's so much

demand in the marketplace.

You could see it from Upwork or guru.com.

There's so much demand

for professionals for

freelancers out there.

By developing your skill

and anyone could learn this,

You may take some online courses,

learn how to do that graphic design,

how to do their website design,

or how to edit that video with a laptop.

You could work from

home and you could work

from anywhere and you

could do this part time.

You can do this full time,

again you can do this on the weekends,

easy, easy income stream anyone can do.

Number four, teach a language.

Now you may not think about this,

but because now a lot of

people just stuck at home.

They're looking to develop

a new language skill.

So maybe you're thinking

about, oh, I speak English,

what's the big deal.

Well, you could easily become

online English teacher,

teach other people being a

tutor to teach other people

other kids, how to speak

their language vice versa.

People want to learn Mandarin.

You have Mandarin speaking speakers.],

they can now teach English

speakers, how to speak Mandarin.

Do it through zoom, do it through Skype.

You could charge per hour.

Now what I would recommend

is you actually don't charge

per hour, but you sell a

bundle a block of hours.

It could be five hours or 10 hours.

And all you have to do

is just chat with people,

have a conversation and you

can make money that way.

So if you like talking to people,

you enjoy connecting with people,

that's an easy way to make extra money.

Income stream number five, gifts lessons.

There might be some skill sets,

some expertise, or some

experience that you have,

that you may not be thinking of charging,

or why would anyone pay me for that?

Don't underestimate yourself.

Maybe you know how to play piano.

With zoom you could teach

other people online lessons

and teach them piano lessons,

guitar lessons, yoga lessons,

workout, you name it.

The sky is the limit.

People want to learn.

People have free time.

People are stuck at home.

Now you could do one on one

or you could even do group

that gives you more leverage.

So think about what are some of the things

that you know how to do.

Maybe you don't even think about it.

You don't think there's any value

in doing that, but you

are very good at that.

- So good and tasty.

- Think about how many people in the world

that are willing to pay

you to learn a few things

from you, they are willing

to take lessons from you.

Income stream number six,

become a virtual assistant.

Now this especially makes a lot of sense

if where you live low cost of living.

Because then you can provide

virtual assistant service

to business owners in

more developed countries

where when they hire

an executive assistant

it costs so much more

but in your country, they could hire you.

Philippines has a lot

of virtual assistant.

There are so many websites

that business owners go

to find virtual assistants

such as Time Extra, or Again

Magic or Virtual Staff Finder.

There's so many of them.

Simply can go set up an account.

If you're organized, if you

have some assistant skill

and those are pretty simple

skills that anyone can learn.

You could do this

especially if you're at home

and you have a lot of free time,

become a virtual assistant.

Income stream number seven,

give professional answers.

Could you believe that you could

actually make money

answering people's questions?

There's a website out there

called justanswer.com.

If you have expertise in medicine, in law,

in information technology,

things that are a little bit higher skill,

more valuable skillsets,

I mean people are willing to

pay you to give them answers

in certain area of

expertise, justanswer.com.

Those are just some simple

and legit ways for you

to earn extra money.