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For today's we will try a mobile application where we can earn free money.

The tint is still kind of dark.

I had it done with Prettylooks.

Thank you so much, Prettylooks,

for the opportunity to have permanent eyebrows.

I am just amazed that I already have an instant groomed eyebrows without fading!

The reason why I wanted this treatment because I can save time doing my make-up.

It really takes me so much time grooming my eyebrows.

Sometimes, I feel lazy doing my make up because I take so much time with my eyebrows.

So, I thought of having it permanently done to save time every time I shoot.

I am satisfied with the work of Prettylooks.

I'm still on my second day, it will peel and be lighter on the next days.

This is the application that we will try—Crazy Popstar.

It reminds me of a very similar legit application, something like Lucky Popstar or Popstar Magic.

It's something like that, very similar to this.

I think that was 2019 when that application popularized.

This is the app, let's check if it has ratings.

It doesn't have ratings yet because this is a new application.

"You've got early access to this app. Provide your feedback as the developer can improve this app."

We can leave a comment here regarding on your experience with the application.

If you have already tried this application,

feel free to comment on the comments section your experiences in this application.

Now, we will open the application. I will put the link Click here# you want to try this.

This application reminds me of Magical Numbers and Merge Chicken. Their interface are the same.

Seems like, they have same developer.

By the way, update with Magical Numbers, some were able to pay out.

At first the app says that the payout is processing.

Then after a couple of weeks, their payout is already in review.

Let's see if their payout will arrive. I will update you if someone has successfully payout.

Who knows, he might receive their payout.

Let's give them a chance.

First thing to do is to enter an invite code.

If you don't enter an invite code, Redeem will not be available.

This is the money sign, tap it.

This is where you will enter an invite code.

I have already entered a code.

So, I can now open the redeem section.

How can we earn here in Crazy Popstar?

Tap play button.

I will just continue my game.

Tap Yes.

There, I collected $1.36 that easy.

Tap Collect.

You will just stop on blocks with the same color.

I got $2.28.

Tap Collect again.

Then we will watch a short advertisement.

There are advertisements in applications because that is what they use to pay users.

Close the ads.

I already have $3.64.

Collect again.

We can collect not only Paypal but also Google Play.

This is the last color, green.

After playing stage 1, there will be a Lucky Spin where you can get coins from 50, 100, 200, or 500 coins.

You can also get Paypal or Google Play.

Tap Spin then wait for the advertisement to end.

It's done so let's close it.

Wow. I got 500 coins.

I'm at stage 2.

It has a target of 15,000.

In stage 1 I have collected $3.64.

Let's try to play again.

What I noticed here is the gift box.

Let's try to click this.

I have collected Google Play again.

I continued playing for a couple of minutes and I already earned $12.22 in just 10 minutes.

That's how fast you can earn in this application.

Another way to earn here, but this is optional, this is for those who like inviting.

Tap the money sign.

Here, you can invite your friends.

They have a condition, friends must be real and active.

When you get to invite 100 friends, you can redeem $5.

You can earn up to $200 with this.

$200 is a big amount which requires 50,000 friends.

You need to invite a big community for you to payout $200 from this application.

How to pay out from Crazy Popstar?

Here, they have 4 ways.

We collect Coins, Paypal card, Google Play and earnings from referrals.

Let's first discuss Coins.

The gold coins has an equivalent to dollars.

We can exchange coins.

100,000 coins is equivalent to $10.

We can earn up to $50 with coins.

$50 = 400,000 coins.

Now, in PayPal cards, to pay out here you need to collect $100.

When you reach $100 PayPal card..

feel free to comment in the comment section what are there other conditions so others may know it also.

Go to Google Play.

When you have collected $100 Google Play card, you can cash it out.

But what I know about Google Play card is you can use this to purchase in Google Play app.

Last is the earnings from their referrals. This is what I've mentioned where you can earn $5 to $200.

I do not force you to try this application but if you want to try this, I will put the link Click hare

You can use my invite code.

If you don't want you can search a code in the comments section.

Feel free to comment in the comments section your code and your experiences with this application.

If you have payout already, feel free to comment, it's free.

Feel free to comment in the comments section your invitation code.

Thank your,