I will share a mobile application where  can earn Free Paypal  Money by Viewing an Image Stay tune because I will show you howon how we can earn Free Paypal Money by Viewing an Image

"make money online free"

 how to make money online,

and if you want to earn another free money online I would like to share "Loveshare - Earn Money, Status Videos, Quotes

you can download here in google playstore

I'm just not sure if it is available to IOS user to those who do not know what LoveShare is

it says here,,

Earn Money By Share and Watch Videos, Images, and Invite Your Friends to join us

Love Share App is best collection of videos,

Images, GIFs and Qoutes ro share on social meadia platform

Love share app has multiple collections and categories that are easy to spot

and search.

To simplify things things, love share app has latest, popular, follow categories, favorites and downloads

segment to isolate all the social statues.

Every status has its own categories like love,

funny, sad, happy,

dance, etc. to simply access content.

it looks like facebook the only difference is we will earn

is we will earn, while viewing image,

watching videos

and sharing

also it says here,

Love Share app is Earning which is very easy by just watching

or sharing content

You will get Points when, watch and like videos,

Images, GIFs or Quotes

by  sharing videos, Images, GIFs or Quotes, and uploading videos

also by sharing your referral code

of course that's part of the application

once you're done downloading the application

click "Open"

here we will immediately direct to the homepage

before we procced to do the activities

we will have to go here in three lines, and click it

here we need to Login/Register

since we are new users we need to register

you can procced by Login you Facebook,

or Login your Google

another option you can also Login

using your phone number

I prefer to Login using my Facebook

in this section a Refference code will appear

here we will have input refference code or Invitation code

to those who don't have referral code yet, fell free to use my referral code

I will input it on the description box and Pin Comment

and of course to those have Invation code

our comment section is open to share that and so the viewers can use it

to Earn Free Paypal Money

is we need to do the activities

like Viewing an Image,

or watching Videos

here at home there are many Images

we can to choose

we will choose which one we want to view

like foe example this one

I will view this

lets see how many coins we get

once we view this Images

Let's View another Image

then another one

now lets go back, let's see how many points we can get

by Viewing Images

for us to know the points we get,

let's go here in three lines

then click "My Earning"

these are the Imgaes that I view

We can review again, we can still earn

points, this two

is I view it twice

this is the third, and fourth

in total I Earn 39 points

now lets do another task

the good thing here guys is that you can select categories

let's go here

so we can select categories

here there is News, Corona News,

Corona Memes, Comedy Videos. You will choose here

which one do you want to view

like for example this one,

Love Status

you will see here Images, and videos about Love Status

Let's see I will try to view the GIF,

I will search first

I'll try this

I'll see how many points I can get

then I will try to Download,

as you can see this Download Button

let's just click that

let's just wait for it to finish

and there you go Status has been Downloaded

another ways of Earning Here in LOveshare is by Sharing

you will see this share button

Let's just click that

a short video ad will appear, let's just wait for it to finish

before we Exit

then next

I will share it here in my Gmail

then next I will view another video

Let's see how many Points i will get by Viewing videos

nothing comes out, let's go back

I will find first a video

this one

all we have to do here is

we need to watch atleast 10 seconds to credits all the Points we get here,

then next, I will try to view another Image

this is what I do all the time, I try to view more Image

because it takes less time, and I think the points we get from watching the video are the same

I prefer this,

by Viewing Image

Let's go back, let's see how many points I got

by viewing

again we just click the three lines above

then click "My Earning"

and there you go,

this is the GIF I view,

as I have mentioned earlier that we can only get the same points by viewing Videos, GIFs, the Images

as of now I have total 74


$1 equivalent to 10,000 Points

and if you want to process the withdrawal or request

basically here just tap "Request Withdrawal"

you will see here Select Payment Method and Payment Account Info.

Select Payment Method there is foue Option

on how you can request withdrawal

you can choose Paypal, Master Card, Visa, and Skill.

but I prefer ---Paypal

then her in Payment Account Information

you will have to input your paypal email address.

once you already done setup that or you want to request withdrwal

you can simply send request

I just don’t know how much their minimum withdrawal is here

as of now I can not process the withdrawal

once you have processed the withdrawal

it will appear here in withdrawal history

you will also find here

your Referral code or Reference Code

you can simply copy your referral code then share it to your social media account for more Earnings you get here.

in this section you will find trending videos and Images..

you can also upload videos ---

let's see

its says

Write Qoutes, Upload Videos, Upload GIF, and Upload Image

let's try upload Image

first step upload Image,

then put Image title,

Image Description and Image categories

there are lots of categories you can choose

after that you will select language

and if you done setting up that

you can simply click this button

I just don't know how many points we can get once we upload a video or image

because I haven't try it

you can can try  upload vidoes and Image

and if you have a heart video or image, you can see it here

you can see it here

you can also do search here

and set up your content language

here are the available languages,

if you like all you can simply select "All Language"

but if you  want English only

you can also do that

once done setting up, just click select

as of now I don't have proof of payment to show,

I will just collect more points first

I will make another video tutorial once I have accumulated a lot of points and I received the withdrawal

thats how easy we  can earn here in Love Share

and also of course on how we can earn money in our paypa account by viewing Image

I hope this helped you and also don't forget to share