If you are looking for an extra income online using your cellphone, desktop, laptop and internet.

"make money online"

For today's we will try a mobile application where we can earn free money.

The tint is still kind of dark.

I had it done with Prettylooks.

Thank you so much, Prettylooks,

for the opportunity to have permanent eyebrows.

I am just amazed that I already have an instant groomed eyebrows without fading!

The reason why I wanted this treatment because I can save time doing my make-up.

It really takes me so much time grooming my eyebrows.

Sometimes, I feel lazy doing my make up because I take so much time with my eyebrows.

So, I thought of having it permanently done to save time every time I shoot.

I am satisfied with the work of Prettylooks.

I'm still on my second day, it will peel and be lighter on the next days.

This is the application that we will try—Crazy Popstar.

It reminds me of a very similar legit application, something like Lucky Popstar or Popstar Magic.

It's something like that, very similar to this.

I think that was 2019 when that application popularized.

This is the app, let's check if it has ratings.

It doesn't have ratings yet because this is a new application.

"You've got early access to this app. Provide your feedback as the developer can improve this app."

We can leave a comment here regarding on your experience with the application.

If you have already tried this application,

feel free to comment on the comments section your experiences in this application.

Now, we will open the application. I will put the link Click here# you want to try this.

This application reminds me of Magical Numbers and Merge Chicken. Their interface are the same.

Seems like, they have same developer.

By the way, update with Magical Numbers, some were able to pay out.

At first the app says that the payout is processing.

Then after a couple of weeks, their payout is already in review.

Let's see if their payout will arrive. I will update you if someone has successfully payout.

Who knows, he might receive their payout.

Let's give them a chance.

First thing to do is to enter an invite code.

If you don't enter an invite code, Redeem will not be available.

This is the money sign, tap it.

This is where you will enter an invite code.

I have already entered a code.

So, I can now open the redeem section.

How can we earn here in Crazy Popstar?

Tap play button.

I will just continue my game.

Tap Yes.

There, I collected $1.36 that easy.

Tap Collect.

You will just stop on blocks with the same color.

I got $2.28.

Tap Collect again.

Then we will watch a short advertisement.

There are advertisements in applications because that is what they use to pay users.

Close the ads.

I already have $3.64.

Collect again.

We can collect not only Paypal but also Google Play.

This is the last color, green.

After playing stage 1, there will be a Lucky Spin where you can get coins from 50, 100, 200, or 500 coins.

You can also get Paypal or Google Play.

Tap Spin then wait for the advertisement to end.

It's done so let's close it.

Wow. I got 500 coins.

I'm at stage 2.

It has a target of 15,000.

In stage 1 I have collected $3.64.

Let's try to play again.

What I noticed here is the gift box.

Let's try to click this.

I have collected Google Play again.

I continued playing for a couple of minutes and I already earned $12.22 in just 10 minutes.

That's how fast you can earn in this application.

Another way to earn here, but this is optional, this is for those who like inviting.

Tap the money sign.

Here, you can invite your friends.

They have a condition, friends must be real and active.

When you get to invite 100 friends, you can redeem $5.

You can earn up to $200 with this.

$200 is a big amount which requires 50,000 friends.

You need to invite a big community for you to payout $200 from this application.

How to pay out from Crazy Popstar?

Here, they have 4 ways.

We collect Coins, Paypal card, Google Play and earnings from referrals.

Let's first discuss Coins.

The gold coins has an equivalent to dollars.

We can exchange coins.

100,000 coins is equivalent to $10.

We can earn up to $50 with coins.

$50 = 400,000 coins.

Now, in PayPal cards, to pay out here you need to collect $100.

When you reach $100 PayPal card..

feel free to comment in the comment section what are there other conditions so others may know it also.

Go to Google Play.

When you have collected $100 Google Play card, you can cash it out.

But what I know about Google Play card is you can use this to purchase in Google Play app.

Last is the earnings from their referrals. This is what I've mentioned where you can earn $5 to $200.

I do not force you to try this application but if you want to try this, I will put the link Click hare

You can use my invite code.

If you don't want you can search a code in the comments section.

Feel free to comment in the comments section your code and your experiences with this application.

If you have payout already, feel free to comment, it's free.

Feel free to comment in the comments section your invitation code.

Thank your,

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Best WordPress Web Hosting | An Honest Comparison

how to build websites, how to get online,and how to build a brand.

"web hosting"

Today, I am so excited for this article. I have put in weeks of preparation
to show you the best place to
buy any kind of web hosting

whether it's for a WordPress site,

or a completely custom
site, or something else,

here are seven very popular web hosts,

I'm gonna break them down and let you know

where you should spend your money

and where you should host your website.

Stay tuned.

(upbeat music)

If you wanna know all
about online marketing,

social media, and building
and online presence,

go ahead and hit that subscribe
button and click the bell.

Without further ado, let's
get right into the video.

I'm gonna start with Bluehost because

they are such a popular web host.

Chances are if you Google where to buy

web hosting or best web host,

Bluehost was likely at
the top of a lot of lists.

One thing right off the bat
that bothers me about Bluehost

is that you have to buy
yearly for the first sign-up.

It's really weird.

When you sign up, you
have to buy a block of

one year of hosting, but then after that,

you can renew monthly.

That's like going up to a girl and

asking her to marry you at first sight.

Maybe I just wanna try monthly before

I commit to paying for a year of hosting.

Bluehost has it all backwards.

They're like, we need
that one year commitment

and then you can switch to monthly.



I went ahead and signed up
for a year of hosting for $60.

One thing to keep in mind
when you sign up for Bluehost

is some of the upsells are pre-checked.

They are really working overtime to

sell you stuff you don't necessarily need

or stuff that may be helpful,

but you don't have to pay for it.

Pay attention on that sign-up screen

to what you're paying for and if you

don't want the CodeGuard for backups

or site lock or whatever
it is they try to sell you,

go ahead and uncheck that box.

The setup process for
WordPress was super elegant.

They let you pick from tons
of free WordPress themes

right there when the site is being set up

and they pre-install
plugins you should have

like a caching plugin
to speed up your site

and an anti-spam plugin.

These are plugins that Bluehost just

puts on there by default,

which I actually think is kind of cool.

Maybe you're not really
into tinkering with plugins,

you just wanna install WordPress

and you want it to work well,

Bluehost is gonna make sure that you have

a smooth and solid experience.

The website in the
hosting felt really fast

thanks to that caching
plugin I just mentioned

and I really love that Bluehost makes it

super easy to get support.

There's no hiding things
behind dark patterns

or any of that.

You just click help, you do a live chat,

and they are right there to help you.

I did have a pretty positive
experience with Bluehost.

They do try a little too hard to upsell.

They're kind of constantly
throwing stuff in your face

so if that bothers you,
maybe pick somewhere else,

but if you're looking for
the most flexible web host

with lots of different add-ons and

options available for purchase

that you can add to your website
and your hosting experience

like G Suite for email hosting,

backups, all that kind of stuff,

I think you're going to love Bluehost

and I can definitely
recommend them for the

most flexible hosting
and the most options.

Next, let's talk about SiteGround and boy,

do I have things to say about SiteGround.

Unlike Bluehost, they
offer you a monthly option

right from the start, which is awesome,

thank you SiteGround,

except they charge you a $14.95 ding fee

as a setup fee if you choose monthly.


Why are these guys trying to make it

so hard to just try a month of hosting?

Everything was just downhill from here.

I went ahead and signed up for the hosting

and it was not easy to setup WordPress.

I had to dig around in
some scary convoluted

retro looking menus and
the entire SiteGround panel

is just dated, very cluttered,

and extremely hard to find
what you're looking for.

It took a solid 30, maybe 40 minutes

for my site to be set up,

but there was no indicator of that.

Wow, thanks for the communication guys.

It would be nice to know that there's

about a 30 to 40 minute window
for the automated setup,

so do keep that in mind
if you choose SiteGround.

However, I would strongly advise
against choosing SiteGround

for two reasons.

Number one, I really dislike their panel,

which I already talked about,

it's cluttered and it's
hard to use, but number two,

they make getting support
so ridiculously hard,

and I cannot get behind that.

Look, if you're trusting a
company to host your website

and to hold the files so when

someone types your domain
name, your website comes up,

you need a company you can rely on

and you need a company
you can reach out to

if you're having any trouble
or if your site is down

or anything like that.

In the amount of time it takes to

get SiteGround's
attention is unacceptable.

They use what's called a dart pattern.

A dart pattern is where
you manipulate an interface

in such a way that it makes no sense

to get to where they
don't want you to get,

so they don't want you to contact them.

They try and deflect you by looking at

their knowledge-based
articles and all this stuff

and as you can see in
this screen recording,

to contact them, you literally
have to press this tiny,

absurd, little link that
you probably would miss

if you're not really paying
attention to contact them.

That's not something I can support

so I would recommend
staying away from SiteGround

and choosing someone else.

Let's talk Namecheap.

Namecheap has always
been a company I've loved

for both web hosting and domains.

I have all of my personal
domains with Namecheap

and I have recommended them
in the past to my web clients.

It is really easy to set up and their new

easy WP hosting is so extremely intuitive

and it is the fastest I have ever seen

a WordPress site get set
up and up and running

and on the internet.

As you can see here,

Namecheap's easy WP hosting
is completely targeted

at being fast, easy, and
simple with nothing else,

no gimmicks, and it's very reasonable,

costing only $3.88 a
month or $30.88 a year.

It was really hard to find
downsides to Namecheap's hosting.

It's incredibly fast and smooth and the

experience is just so simple,

I think this is gonna be appealing for

those of you who don't wanna tinker with

a bunch of panels or settings.

However, the issue I had with
Namecheap's easy WP hosting

is that they don't offer daily
backups even as an upsell.

Every other host on this
list offers daily backups

either included in the
cost or for an upsell,

a paid upsell, which
I think is reasonable.

It's not uncommon for a host to ask you

for extra money to back up
your site daily automatically,

but Namecheap just has
nothing, nothing at all.

They don't include automated daily backups

and they don't let you pay
for automated daily backups.

The best you can do with easy
WP is create a manual backup,

which is free, but you
have to remember to do that

and the whole point of automated backups

is to make sure that if your site crashes

or gets hacked or anything happens,

your backup is there and you didn't even

have to think about it.

You just restore the backup
and you're good to go.

You can use an external
backup service like CodeGuard

to backup your Namecheap easy WP hosting,

but that costs around $5
a month or $60 a year,

so when you figure that in,

you're paying about $9.88 per
month for Namecheap's hosting,

which is a little bit expensive.

It's not completely unreasonable and it is

not the most expensive
option on this list,

but you are gonna have
to keep that in mind

when you're buying hosting if
you want those daily backups.

Trucking right along,
let's talk about HostGator.

This is another one of those
very large hosting companies

that you might recognize right away.

They've been out there for years

and they have a huge presence online.

My experience with HostGator
was very interesting.

They do the little things
that drive me nuts,

like the prices they put on their website

are for 36 months of hosting.

They'll be like, only $5 a month,

but it's actually like $15 a month

if you pay month-to-month and it's

$5 a month if you pay
for three years at once.

However, that's kind of
a pretty common practice

and I will say that they thankfully

let you pay month-to-month with no issues,

no setup fees, no forcing
a year of hosting on you.

If you wanna buy a month
of hosting from HostGator,

you can buy a month of
hosting from HostGator.

Overall, the panel was a simple and

relatively nice experience.

My trouble with HostGator is that they

actually don't offer enough
upsells for my preference,

or the types of upsells I'm looking for.

I know you're like, Christian,
what are you talking about?

No one likes to be upsold.

I know, but hear me out.

HostGator's WordPress hosting plan

includes a one gigabyte CodeGuard account.

CodeGuard is an external backup service

and HostGator has worked with them to

offer daily backups up
to one gigabyte of files.

I'm like, what happens if
my WordPress site exceeds

a gigabyte of files 'cause if you

upload a lot of images
and stuff to your blog,

that's not uncommon for it to
be bigger than a gig of files

and the HostGator account
itself is bigger than a gig

so you could exceed that perfectly fine.

I chatted in their live chat.

I'm like, how can I upgrade my CodeGuard

if I require more than
a gig of backup per day?

They're like, you actually can't.

I'm sorry, HostGator, did
you just miss an opportunity

to upsell me and have
me pay you more money?

I'm pretty sure that's
exactly what just happened.

(man laughing)

- Got him!

Got him!

(man laughing)

- HostGator's support
is also extremely slow.

They do make it easy to get to,

so I'll give them credit for that.

There's no dark patterns
like with SiteGround,

but you're gonna be waiting awhile.

It is painfully slow.

For the support, price,
and no ability to increase

the backup storage, I would
not recommend HostGator.

I personally would stay away from them.

Next, we're gonna talk about iPage.

Once again, this is
another popular web host

that you may have heard about and I'm

not exactly sure why they're so popular.

My experience was kind of
similar to SiteGround with iPage,

but maybe not as bad.

They have a lot of upsells,

they have a cluttered and confusing panel,

and then they make it hard
to buy things you wanna buy

after the fact.

For example, when you go
to sign-up with iPage,

they're like, buy backups,
buy this, buy that.

Maybe you're not ready for that yet

so you may uncheck the
things, buy just the hosting,

and if you decide you wanna add daily

backups to your site later,

I could not find it anywhere in the panel.

I dug through every single
menu and it ends up,

you have to go to the main iPage website,

not through your hosting panel,

and buy backups through there.

Overall, the panel was
just extremely confusing,

it was kind of hard to set up WordPress,

it took a couple extra steps
to get things up and running,

and I think there are plenty
and better options out there.

I guess I don't have a
huge problem with iPage,

I don't have an issue with
their support or this or that,

but I didn't have a great experience there

and I personally would
stay away from iPage.

We got just two left, so
let's talk about Hostinger.

This is a web host that I expected to hate

based on their website, but I
actually ended up loving them.

Here's what I dislike about Hostinger.

They're one of those websites that when

you go to their site,

they try to pressure
you to buy immediately.

As soon as you go to their site,

they have this countdown,
starting from 21 hours,

and they act like they're
having this super mega sale

and if you don't buy within 21 hours,

you're gonna miss out on the
deals, but here's the thing,

that's just their price.

That's always their price.

Any time you go to their site,

that 21-hour countdown starts and it just

resets every time you visit the site.

Based on that alone,

I had a bad taste in
my mouth going into it

and trying Hostinger.

I was very cautious.

I'm like, if they're doing this,

what other sorts of annoying tactics

are they doing to try and pressure me,

but what I found was completely different

from what I expected.

Hostinger had the most
impressive setup screen

I've seen on any web host.

They made it super easy
to install WordPress

and get going right away,

they weren't too pushy about upselling me

on the initial signup screen,

and they even give you a temporary URL

to start editing your site right away

without having to point
your domain there yet.

If you don't know what I'm saying,

when you buy a domain name,

you have to point it to the web host

and this can take up to 48 hours

before your domain points there.

Hostinger solved this issue
by giving you a temporary URL

that you can use to modify your site

and start building it
until your domain name

is pointing to them, and I
think that's really efficient,

it's very considerate of your time,

and I'm a huge fan of
what Hostinger is doing.

In addition, they offer
lots of quality add-ons

like daily backups for 95 cents a month,

or G Suite for email hosting, or Nord VPN,

and all of these are
easy to add at any time,

it's right there in the panel.

You just go and you add it to your account

and it's very simple.

The hosting with Hostinger
was also speedy fast

and I was just overall blown away

with the service I
received from Hostinger.

Their 24/7 support is no joke.

It's right there in the
bottom-right corner.

You just click it and you chat away

and someone replies
usually within a minute.

I was very impressed.

I was so impressed with Hostinger,

that I'm recommending them
as the best overall option,

the balance between value,
support, and features.

If you're looking for the
most well-rounded experience,

Hostinger is gonna be for you.

To wrap things up, let's
look at our last company,

and that is DreamHost.

DreamHost offers the best
month-to-month options,

in my opinion, if you're
kind of looking for that

well-rounded experience and
you don't wanna break the bank

and you're not able to pay yearly.

DreamHost has plans from $4.95 per month,

no catches, no setup fees, no big gotchas,

just $4.95 a month, you
can get started right away,

and they make it simple
to sign-up for that.

Like many of the other hosts on this list,

there are some upsells
that are pre-checked

during the checkout, which I don't love,

but it is so common that I'm not gonna

get onto DreamHost too much for that.

The panel was a little bit confusing,

but the graphics are inviting and

DreamHost does offer
lots of upsells for you.

One thing I love about DreamHost is they

do daily backups automatically
and they do it for free.

You don't have to pay anything else,

it doesn't matter how big
your website is, none of that.

If you're catching what I'm saying,

this is a great value for $4.95 a month.

There are some hoops to jump through

to get to their support.

It's not ridiculously
complex like SiteGround

and I wouldn't necessarily
call it extreme dart patterns,

but they do try to deflect
you just a little bit.

However, when you're able
to get to their support,

they are relatively
helpful, they're friendly,

and I don't think you're
gonna have any issues there.

I would recommend DreamHost if you're

looking for a month-to-month option

and the best value and
not breaking the bank.

In conclusion, if you're
looking for the hosting

with the most options
and tinkering available,

Bluehost is gonna be for you.

They have a very robust panel with

plenty of upsells and add-ons that

you can purchase and
set up and it's gonna be

kind of a lot of fun if you like to

tinker around with different features

and services with web hosting.

If you're just looking for a simple and

easy set it and forget it web host

for your WordPress website,
Namecheap is gonna be for you.

There's hardly any options to mess with,

but that's the beauty of it if you

don't wanna worry about things.

Just keep in mind that extra
added cost for CodeGuard

if you want your website backed up daily.

If you're looking for the best
most well-rounded web host

and the best overall balance of value,

features, and add-ons,

then you definitely
should go with Hostinger.

Finally, if you're like I really
don't have a lot of money,

I just wanna pay the minimum
amount possible monthly

and that's it, I can't
afford to pay yearly,

I don't wanna have to pay for upsells

or extra things for daily
backups or any of that,

then DreamHost is gonna
be the way to go for you.

Which web host did you pick?

I'd love to know your thoughts
down in the comments below
Thank you so much

5 Best Car Insurance Companies of 2020: See What's Out There For You

 Finder’s Car insurance writer.Today, we’re going to talk about the best car insurance companies across the US.There are over 300 to choose from, and picking one can be an overwhelming process.

There are over 300 to choose from, and picking one can be an overwhelming process.

But not if you know what you’re looking for.

To compare insurers, look at the type of coverage they offer, along with their costs, customer service,

and the discounts you’ll qualify for, such as being a safe driver or bundling coverage.

Here are our picks for the best car insurance companies in 2020:

For cheap rates we chose Geico.

"car insurance"

You’ve probably seen Geico’s renowned commercials on TV, and the advertising is true:

This insurer has some of the most competitive rates in the game.

Along with low base rates,you can also get a long list of discounts,

such as if you work for the federal government, if you are a student or if qualify as a safe driver.

Geico also insures high-risk drivers, so if you have a few violations, or traffic accidents on record,

And thanks to its mobile app, you can do everything online — from scheduling a repair to filing a claim.

For customer experience, Amica is a great option.

As a policyholder, you might need to interact with your insurance company to update coverage or file a claim

so you want to make sure your insurer is friendly and responsive. That’s where Amica shines!

Amica isn’t a big household name, but its customer satisfaction scores are off the charts.

It’s a mutual company, which means you could earn dividends every year based on the company’s profits.

Plus, Amica offers stacks of discounts.

such as for safe driving, being a good student, or owning more than one car.

For unique coverage we chose State Farm.

State Farm is one of the most popular car insurance companies out there and for good reason!

It offers unique coverage you won’t find everywhere,

such as if you need an SR-22 form, if you need temporary car insurance, or a ride share coverage

as an Uber or Lyft driver.

You’ll be paired with a local agent who knows the ins and outs of car insurance laws in your state,

which means you’ll get to talk to the same person each and every time you call.

If you also need to insure your home or other property,

you can score a bundling discount by insuring with State Farm.

What if you don't ddrive all that often?

Well, you can pay for only the miles you do drive with Metromile, the first telematics insurers in the US.

It works by tracking your driving via an app or a device installed in your car, and then charging you accordingly.

It's rate starts at $29 a month, and then charges you a few extra pennies on top of that for every mile you drive.

But if you drive more than 250 miles in one day, the extra miles are free.

That's not a word you hear in insurance very often!

Speaking of freebies, Allstate has some of the best perks we've seen, especially if you own a luxury car.

If you own a brand new car, you'll automatically score a discount.

Plus, you can lower your premiums even further with discounts for safe driving,

going paperless or earning good grades as a student.

You’ll be assigned to an Allstate agent — and one of their first jobs is helping you find even more ways to save.

If you’re on YouTube, click the link in the description box to compare more options on

Thanks for watching! 

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The Galaxy F41 Is Here - Samsung Galaxy F Series #FullOn *GIVEAWAY* Technical Guruji

The Galaxy F41 Is Here - Samsung Galaxy F Series #FullOn *GIVEAWAY* Technical Guruji


1,technical guruji mobile review 2020,
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OnePlus 8 Review: Dying A Hero OnePlus 8 the most exciting

 OnePlus 8 the most exciting OnePlus ever, because it's now on two of the threelargest carriers in America.On a darker day,

"one plus 8"

I called it

the company's dullest

generational sequel ever,

because frankly it doesn't

bring much new to the table.

And finally, after nearly two weeks

of using the thing, I

realized that it's both.

(upbeat music)

OnePlus has a cool story, right?

It started out by appealing to buyers

who were price conscious,

yes, but also phone geeks.

So, OnePlus phones have always been fast

and they've always been buffed up

by a few cherry picked features

that usually made them more useful.

Like the physical, "Do

not disturb switch,"

that I've been begging

any other manufacturer

besides Apple, to pick

off the old palm carcass.

Same time OnePlus has mostly resisted

adding extraneous bloatware,

stuff that doesn't improve the experience.

The result has been years of products

that I could recommend

not just to fellow nerds,

but to normal people who just wanted

a really solid phone at a fair price.

The OnePlus 8 does not betray that legacy,

but neither does it do

much to push it forward.

For that you need to look

to the OnePlus 8 Pro,

but then you're jumping to a $900 phone.

The OnePlus 8 here, a

buck under 700 to start.

We'll come back to that price,

but first let me show you something.

This is what's called a reviewers guide.

Manufacturers often package them

with review devices to

showcase what's new,

and the thing is, this book

could be a lot thinner.

6.5 inch HDR+ display at 90 Hertz, okay,

same screen specs as last year's 7T,

with the bonus that it's

now more readable outdoors.

Uh quote, "Brilliant

contoured design that seems

to disappear in the hand."

Okay, it's comfortable and

this interstellar finish is fetching.

But there's nothing really

special about this rectangle.

The return of the curved

screen means the return

of false taps with your thumb meet.

And then a hole punch for the front camera

is far uglier than the teardrop on the 7T.

Don't add me, but if you're

gonna there's my handle.

Okay, let's see, we'll

come back to the camera,

crazy performance thanks

to a not so spec sheet,

like always.

Oh, yes, 5G.

Folks, by now you should

understand three things

about 5G: one, it doesn't

cause coronavirus,

so pleas stop burning down cell sites,

two, it's the backbone

upon which the future

of communications is going to be built,

so it will someday be very important,

but three, today is not that day.

I've tested 5G on the two carriers

this phone will be launching on

and the TLDR is, you'll get slower,

but more reliable service

on T-Mobile's lowband 5G

and much faster, but also

much less consistent service

on Verizon's millimeter wave 5G.

If you wanna know more check out

my 5G explainer videos linked below.

Oh, there's actually

one more thing 5G does,

increases the price of phones.

That's partly because Qualcomm,

which makes the Snapdragon 865 processor

doesn't sell a version without 5G.

And that in part explains the

$100 hike in the launch price

from last year's OnePlus 7T.

Those extra bucks helped

fund better haptics

long a low point of OnePlus phones.

And a slight refresh of OxygenOS,

still the most fluid

and restrained version

of Android you can find.

A little more complicated,

dust and water resistant certification.

I'll give you the scoop on that

and the battery and camera,

after a word from my sponsor about

one of the first games you

might wanna play on this thing.

Gotta be honest with you guys

I'm not typically the type for

fantasy role-playing games,

but today's sponsor

combines great graphics

with incredible vocal performances,

and makes it so easy to use

that even I got the hang of it.

This is Raid: Shadow Legends

and if you're into fantasy combat

it's probably right up your alley.

See, you don't have to play a cutesy game

to customize your characters.

I'm partial to this Dark

Elf, because he kinda looks

like a Romulan and I'm into that.

But whichever way you go, your journey

is a fully voiced battle campaign,

with modes that let you fight

a common enemy together,

or go PVP against other players,

and in my case lose badly.

But don't worry if they're

better than you to begin with,

each time you play you

pick up daily rewards

that make you stronger.

With mobile and desktop

versions it's a great game.

And there's a special

offer for new players,

join at the link below and you'll get

a 100,000 silver, 50

gems, one energy refill,

and one free Champion Adjudicator.

Act fast though, this offer is only good

for the 30 days after

this video goes live.

Find it at the link in the description.

For years, one of the

ways OnePlus saved money

was by not paying for its phones

to undergo the costly testing

that certifies them IP 68

dust and water resistant.

Well, the OnePlus 8 finally changes that.

Now, I'm told that only the ones

being sold by T-Mobile and Verizon

have actually received

the IP 68 certification.

But I'm also told the

hardware of the unlocked model

is virtually identical.

That's confusing, but it's good

to see OnePlus finally

fill this gap regardless.

Speaking of gaps, how about the one

that's always been there

in terms of camera quality.

Well, we've got some feature bumps.

Not just 4K video, but now

4K video with stabilization.

And while it's still noisier footage

than I'd like, at least it's now exported

in an easier to work with color space.

See my 7T review for more on that.

For still shots you've got

the same 48-megapixel primary sensor

and then identically spec

16-megapixel ultra-wide

as that 7T.

But the telephoto is gone, replaced

by a dedicated macro shooter.

Now, I love my extreme close-ups,

but the resolution on

that macro is very low.

And last year's 7T could already shoot

in macro using another method.

So we can't really call this an upgrade,

especially when you look at

some of those rough zoom shots.

On a whole the camera is fine,

but if you really care about your photos

this isn't the phone for you.

You should either spring

for the OnePlus 8 Pro,

or save a ton of money

and get a Pixel 3a.

Just like with the OnePlus 7T,

I found I can squeeze two

days out of the OnePlus 8,

with the kind of light use that comes

from not being able to leave your house.

Be advised, my review sample

is an unlocked version,

so those of you buying from a carrier

should expect different results,

particularly if you

use this on Verizon 5G.

And Warp Charging delivers on its name.

From empty to 50% in 22 minutes.

Eight, that's more than

this phone's model number,

it's how many times I've

mentioned its predecessor

the 7T in this video, and that

should tell you something.

When you put that phone in one hand

and the eight in the other,

it's really hard to see

how the OnePlus 8

justifies its $200 premium.

It is rare that I advise anyone

to buy last year's phone,

but if you're buying unlocked

you really won't be missing out on much

by snapping up a 7T.

At the core of it all,

things sure haven't changed.

You're still getting one of

the best Android experiences

for less, sometimes hundreds

less than the competition.

And now, you can get it through two

of the nation's three largest carriers.

Objectively that's a win, both for OnePlus

and American consumers.

But with that Google Pixel 3a sold,

just owning the Android value conversation

and a Pixel 4a and iPhone

9 each on the horizon.

Well, while it's never been easier

to find a OnePlus phone in the States,

it's also never had

more potent competition.

The OnePlus 8 goes on sale,

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Acer Aspire 7 Laptop Review and Benchmarks bast laptop review 2020

 The Acer Aspire 7 laptop features an Intel

quad core CPU and Nvidia 1050Ti graphics,

so let’s put it through its paces and find

out what it’s capable of.

" Acer Aspire 7 laptop "

Let’s start with the specs of this unit,

I’ve got the slightly older 7th gen model

here but it’s also available with newer

8th gen CPUs too. There’s an Intel i7-7700HQ

quad core CPU which can turbo to 3.8GHz in

single core workloads. In my unit there’s

32GB of DDR4 memory running at 2,400MHz in

dual channel, the maximum the two slots support.

For storage there’s a 512GB M.2 SATA SSD

and no hard drive, but there’s a 2.5 inch

drive bay for expansion. For the graphics

there’s an Nvidia 1050Ti 4GB, which powers

the 15.6 inch 1080p 60Hz IPS panel, and we’ll

see how this performs soon in the benchmarks.

For the network connectivity there’s an

ethernet port, support for 802.11ac WiFi and


The interior of the laptop is a matte black

brushed metal, and we’ve got the same effect

on the lid with the Acer logo in the center

featuring a mirrored finish. Overall the laptop

felt nice, no sharp edges and solid build


The dimensions of the laptop are 38.1cm in

width, 26.2cm in depth, and 2.4cm in height,

about average for a 15 inch laptop.

The weight is listed as 2.4kg on the Acer

website and I found mine to weigh about 100g

under this, probably because mine’s missing

the hard drive. With the 135 watt power brick

and cable for charging, the total weight increases

to 2.8kg, so not too heavy.

As mentioned the screen is a 15.6 inch 60Hz

1080p IPS panel, no G-Sync available here.

I found the viewing angles to be really good,

images are still perfectly clear even on sharp

angles and the screen bends back a full 180

degrees. The screen gets bright enough, at

100% brightness I measured it at 274 nits.

I’ve also measured the current colour gamut

using the Spyder 5 Pro, and my results returned

61% of sRGB, 44% of NTSC and 46% of AdobeRGB,

so perfectly fine for gaming and office work

for instance, but for colour accurate work

like photo and video editing you might want

to look elsewhere.

I’ve performed my usual backlight bleed

test on the display, which involves having

the laptop show a black screen in a dark room

to help emphasize any bleeding. I then take

a long exposure photo to display any bleed,

so this is a worst case scenario test. There

was a little noticeable bleed, particularly

on the bottom left and top right, but this

will of course vary between laptops.

While moving the display there was minimal

flex, it felt quite solid as it’s got that

metal exterior with the hinges out towards

the corners. It can’t be opened up with

one finger, demonstrating that there’s more

weight towards the back and we’ll see this

when we open it up.

Above the display in the center is a 720p


The camera looks pretty blurry, even with

decent lighting. The microphone doesn’t

sound great either, fairly average, but you’ll

be able to judge both for yourself.

The keyboard has white backlighting which

can only be turned on or off, no brightness

adjustments or RGB here.

Overall the keyboard was alright to type with,

some of the keys are a little cramped along

the top as there are a few function keys but

it wasn’t a big deal, otherwise the small

arrow keys were my only other dislike.

There was just a little keyboard flex while

pushing down fairly hard, overall it felt

quite solid and this wasn’t an issue while

typing normally. The keys felt a little clicky

while typing, here’s how they sound to try

and give you an idea.

The touchpad was smooth to the touch and has

a fingerprint scanner in the top left corner,

I had no issues using either.

Moving onto the I/O on the left there’s

a Kensington lock, ethernet port, USB 3.1

Gen1 Type-C port, no Thunderbolt support here

unfortunately, HDMI port, USB 3.0 Type-A port,

and SD card slot.

On the right there’s a 3.5mm audio combo

jack, two USB 2.0 Type-A ports, status LEDs

and the power input.

On the back there’s just an air exhaust

vent towards the side, while there’s nothing

at all on the front.

Fingerprints show up quite easily on both

the lid and interior, and they can be a little

difficult to clean once dirt gets into the


Underneath there's some rubber feet which

do a decent job of preventing the laptop from

sliding around while in use, as well as some

air intake vents towards the back.

The two speakers are found towards the front

corners on the left and right sides. They

sounded pretty good for laptop speakers, quite

clear even at higher volumes but not really

any bass.

There’s also two panels that can be removed

with a single screw, giving you easy access

to the 2.5 inch drive bay and memory.

The rest can be accessed easily using a phillips

head screwdriver, giving us further access

to the WiFi card and single M.2 slot.

Powering the laptop is a 4 cell 48 Watt hour

battery, and with a full charge and just watching

YouTube videos with the screen on half brightness

and keyboard lighting off, I was able to use

it for 4 hours and 14 minutes, not bad. The

Intel integrated graphics were in use during

this test thanks to Nvidia Optimus.

While playing the Witcher 3 with medium settings

and Nvidia’s battery boost set to 30 FPS

the battery lasted for 51 minutes, about what

I expected for a battery of this size with

this hardware. Overall I’d consider the

battery life to be alright, nothing super

amazing but should be enough in most cases.

Thermal testing was completed with an ambient

room temperature of 18 degrees celcius, it’s

getting cold here as winter has just started,

so expect warmer temperatures in a warmer

environment. Also remember that the CPU and

GPU share heatpipes, so a change in temperature

of one component will affect the other.

At idle both the CPU and GPU were quite cool

at around 40 degrees celsius. While playing

PUBG at high settings we can see that the

temperatures rose a bit as shown in green.

After applying a -0.150v undervolt to the

CPU we were able to drop the temperatures

back a little.

The full load stress tests were run using

Aida64 and the Heaven benchmark at the same

time, and we actually see the temperatures

of the CPU rise with the undervolt applied,

as shown in purple, but this’ll make sense

in a second.

These are the average clock speeds while running

the same tests for the temperatures just shown,

so although the temperature goes up with the

undervolt applied on the stress tests, so

does the clock speed. I was seeing both power

limit and thermal throttling prior to the

undervolt, despite the temperature being higher

while undervolted it’s more stable and not

going any higher, whereas without the undervolt

it actually spiked to 93c briefly before throttling

back. As for gaming it made no real difference,

we’re almost getting the full 3.4GHz all

core speed of the 7700HQ with or without undervolting,

but this will of course vary based on the


Just briefly I want to mention there was no

issues with a CPU only stress test, we’re

getting the full 3.4GHz all core speeds even

without undervolting, so we only seem to reach

thermal and power limits with a combined CPU

and GPU load.

As for the external temperatures where you’ll

actually be putting your hands, at idle the

body of the laptop got into the high 20s in

the center. While gaming this increases to

around 40 degrees celsius, about the same

as with the stress tests running, so not really

that hot.

As for the fan noise produced by the laptop,

I’ll let you have a listen to some of these


At idle it was basically silent, and it was

still fairly quite even while gaming, not

changing much under stress test. I’ll also

note that there was no noticeable coil whine

while testing in my unit.

Finally let’s take a look at some benchmarks,

we’ll first cover some real world gaming

benchmarks followed by tests with various

benchmarking tools. All tests were run at

1080p with the latest Nvidia drivers and Windows updates to date installed.

Fortnite played well at high settings or below,

it was still playable at epic but just felt

a little more sluggish, just remember that

this game is difficult to benchmark as frame

rates will vary based on what’s going on

in game and what other players are doing.

Overwatch was tested playing with the bots,

even at epic settings it ran quite smoothly,

no issues at all, but again performance will

vary based on things such as the specific

map and what others are doing.

CS:GO was running alright, definitely playable

as it runs on just about everything, the 1%

lows dip down quite a lot due to the smokes

in this specific test.

I thought PUBG played pretty well at medium

settings or below, higher settings were playable

but not a great experience, and of course

take the results with a grain of salt, as

like Fortnite it will depend on what’s going

on in the game, so the results can vary quite

a bit.

I’ve tested Farcry 5 with the built in benchmark,

definitely still playable at lower settings

on the 1050Ti.

Assassin’s Creed Origins was also tested

with the built in benchmark and the results

were similar, lower frame rates but the 1%

lows aren’t too far behind, again easily

playable at lower settings.

Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built

in benchmark and even the 1% lows at ultra

are above the refresh rate of the display,

so it’s running pretty well here regardless

of setting level used.

Testing Battlefield 1 in the first campaign

mission we can just about average 60 FPS even

at ultra settings, and it was still quite

smooth as shown by the 1% lows which aren’t

too far behind.

The witcher 3 doesn’t really need a high

frame rate to play, however it wasn’t great

at ultra settings, perfectly fine at high

or lower though.

Rise of the tomb raider was tested with the

built in benchmark, and we’re able to average

above the refresh rate of the display at medium

settings or below.

Ghost recon is a resource intensive game,

and was again tested with the built in benchmark.

Pretty terrible at max settings as expected,

but definitely playable at the lower levels.

Watchdogs 2 is another resource intensive

game, but is another that I personally think

doesn’t need a high frame rate to play.

I thought it played perfectly fine at high


Now onto the benchmarking tools, I’ve tested

Heaven, Valley, and Superposition from Unigine,

as well as Firestrike, Timespy, and VRMark

from 3DMark, just pause the video if you want

a detailed look at these results.

As we’ve seen we’re getting some pretty

decent gaming results here, the 1050Ti is

perfectly adequate in many less demanding

games, and still gives an acceptable experience

in higher end AAA games at lower settings.

As for overclocking, the 7700HQ CPU can’t

be overclocked, but I was able to increase

the GPU core clock of the 1050Ti by 175MHz.

These are the average clock speeds while running

the Heaven benchmark with and without the

overclock applied. With both CPU undervolting

and GPU overclocking applied we get a small

boost in games, I’ve retested PUBG and we’re

getting just over a 6% improvement at ultra


In Crystal Disk Mark the 512GB M.2 SATA SSD

was performing fairly well, over 500MB/s in

sequential reads and around 430MB/s in sequential

writes. I’ve tested the SD slot with a V90

rated card, so the card shouldn’t be the

bottleneck, and we’re getting alright results

compared to most other laptops I’ve tested.

As for the price I haven’t been able to

find much information, as it’s a slightly

older 7th generation model and the new 8th

gen version of the Aspire is already out.

The closest I’ve been able to find is the

same model but with 1050 graphics, so it will

perform a fair bit less in games compared

to what I’ve shown here, but that one goes

for around $700 USD and has far less memory.

In any case there appear to be some pretty

good discounts on the 7th gen models, and

as we’ve seen it still performs quite well,

I’ll update the link in the video description

if I can find correct pricing.

So what did you guys think of the Acer Aspire

7 laptop? Overall I thought it was a fairly

nice machine, definitely still capable of

gaming as you’ve seen but with a classier

design compared to your typical black and

red shooting RGB lasers gaming laptop.

Let me know what you guys thought down in

the comments, and leave a like to let me know

if you found the review useful. Thank you.


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by Viewing Images

for us to know the points we get,

let's go here in three lines

then click "My Earning"

these are the Imgaes that I view

We can review again, we can still earn

points, this two

is I view it twice

this is the third, and fourth

in total I Earn 39 points

now lets do another task

the good thing here guys is that you can select categories

let's go here

so we can select categories

here there is News, Corona News,

Corona Memes, Comedy Videos. You will choose here

which one do you want to view

like for example this one,

Love Status

you will see here Images, and videos about Love Status

Let's see I will try to view the GIF,

I will search first

I'll try this

I'll see how many points I can get

then I will try to Download,

as you can see this Download Button

let's just click that

let's just wait for it to finish

and there you go Status has been Downloaded

another ways of Earning Here in LOveshare is by Sharing

you will see this share button

Let's just click that

a short video ad will appear, let's just wait for it to finish

before we Exit

then next

I will share it here in my Gmail

then next I will view another video

Let's see how many Points i will get by Viewing videos

nothing comes out, let's go back

I will find first a video

this one

all we have to do here is

we need to watch atleast 10 seconds to credits all the Points we get here,

then next, I will try to view another Image

this is what I do all the time, I try to view more Image

because it takes less time, and I think the points we get from watching the video are the same

I prefer this,

by Viewing Image

Let's go back, let's see how many points I got

by viewing

again we just click the three lines above

then click "My Earning"

and there you go,

this is the GIF I view,

as I have mentioned earlier that we can only get the same points by viewing Videos, GIFs, the Images

as of now I have total 74


$1 equivalent to 10,000 Points

and if you want to process the withdrawal or request

basically here just tap "Request Withdrawal"

you will see here Select Payment Method and Payment Account Info.

Select Payment Method there is foue Option

on how you can request withdrawal

you can choose Paypal, Master Card, Visa, and Skill.

but I prefer ---Paypal

then her in Payment Account Information

you will have to input your paypal email address.

once you already done setup that or you want to request withdrwal

you can simply send request

I just don’t know how much their minimum withdrawal is here

as of now I can not process the withdrawal

once you have processed the withdrawal

it will appear here in withdrawal history

you will also find here

your Referral code or Reference Code

you can simply copy your referral code then share it to your social media account for more Earnings you get here.

in this section you will find trending videos and Images..

you can also upload videos ---

let's see

its says

Write Qoutes, Upload Videos, Upload GIF, and Upload Image

let's try upload Image

first step upload Image,

then put Image title,

Image Description and Image categories

there are lots of categories you can choose

after that you will select language

and if you done setting up that

you can simply click this button

I just don't know how many points we can get once we upload a video or image

because I haven't try it

you can can try  upload vidoes and Image

and if you have a heart video or image, you can see it here

you can see it here

you can also do search here

and set up your content language

here are the available languages,

if you like all you can simply select "All Language"

but if you  want English only

you can also do that

once done setting up, just click select

as of now I don't have proof of payment to show,

I will just collect more points first

I will make another video tutorial once I have accumulated a lot of points and I received the withdrawal

thats how easy we  can earn here in Love Share

and also of course on how we can earn money in our paypa account by viewing Image

I hope this helped you and also don't forget to share

Acer Swift 5 Review - A Super Light 14" best low price Laptop Review 2020

 The Acer Swift 5 is a thin and lightweight

14 inch laptop, but what sacrifices have to

be made for this level of portability? I’ll

help you decide if this laptop is worth considering

"laptop review"

in this detailed review!

For the specs mine has an Intel 10th gen Ice

Lake i7-1065G7 quad core processor, which

has Intel Iris Plus graphics, there’s no

discrete GPU here. There’s 16gb of LPDDR4X

memory in dual channel, a 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD,

and a 14” 1080p IPS touchscreen.

There’s WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 for network

connectivity, however it’s far too thin

for an ethernet port.

The Swift 5 has a matte blue finish on top

with gold Acer logo in the center. The interior

has the same blue finish, and the keys have

a similar gold. Overall the laptop felt pretty

sturdy due to the metal build, and all corners

and edges were rounded and smooth.

The weight is impressive, it comes in under

a kilogram, or less than 2.1 pounds. With

the small 65 watt power brick and cables for

charging this rises to 1.2kg, so quite lightweight

for travel.

It’s on the smaller side for a 14 inch machine

and is also quite thin. This makes it a portable

package, and means that the screen bezels

are just 6mm on the sides.

Despite the smaller bezels, the 720p camera

is found above the display, no Windows Hello

support though.

The camera and microphone are both pretty

average and typing on the keyboard isn’t

too obtrusive.

The keyboard has white backlighting which

illuminates all keys and secondary key functions.

The brightness can be adjusted between two

levels or turned off completely by using the

F8 key.

I found the keyboard good to type with, however

I wasn’t personally a fan of the small arrow

keys, and as the power button is right above

the backspace key you’ll probably want to

change the settings in Windows so that a mispress

doesn’t put it to sleep, which is the default.

Here’s how typing sounds to give you an

idea of what to expect.

The rear of the laptop raises up a little

bit when you open the lid, which gives the

keyboard an ever so slight incline. We can

see on the back there are just a couple of

rubber feet which come into contact with the

desk, and with that combined with the super

low weight I found that it very easy to slide

around on a flat surface, despite the rubber

feet underneath.

There was some keyboard flex while pushing

down hard, some would be due to the lift design

as there are less contact points between it

and the desk, however I never had an issue

with this during normal use. Screen flex also

seemed pretty average, but it was hard to

try and bend it without the machine sliding

around for the reason just discussed.

The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere

and worked well, I thought the size was decent

considering the available space.

There’s a small fingerprint scanner to the

right just below the arrow keys, I tried adding

different fingers multiple times but never

got it to properly recognize my fingers during

the setup process, so I wasn’t able to test

it out.

The 14” 1080p IPS touchscreen worked fine

and the screen didn’t tilt back when pressing

on it.

I’ve measured colour gamut with the Spyder

5, and got 99% of sRGB, 70% of NTSC, and 76%

of AdobeRGB. At 100% brightness I measured

316 nits in the center with a 890:1 contrast

ratio, so fair results, about average brightness

and above average colours.

Backlight bleed was minimal in this worst

case scenario, I never had any issues when

viewing darker content, but this will vary

between laptop and panel.

On the left from the back there’s the power

input, HDMI output, the version wasn’t specified

however I confirmed I could use a 4K monitor

at 60Hz so it’s probably 2.0, USB 3.1 Gen1

Type-A port, and a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port

supporting DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and

I confirmed Type-C charging works too.

On the right from the front there’s a 3.5mm

audio combo jack, USB 2.0 Type-A port, status

LEDs and Kensington lock.

There’s nothing on the back other than some

subtle swift branding, while the front just

has a groove to help you open the lid.

Fingerprints and dirt show up on the matte

finish, both on the interior and lid, however

as a smooth surface it's easy to clean.

Underneath just has some air ventilation towards

the back. Getting inside was very easy, just

remove 11 TR5 screws and the bottom panel

comes right off.

Inside we’ve got the battery down the front,

single M.2 storage drive to the right of that,

WiFi card right in the middle, and single

fan and heat pipe for cooling, we’ll check

thermals shortly. It’s worth noting the

memory is soldered to the motherboard and

cannot be upgraded, so you need to buy it

with what you need.

The speakers are found towards the front left

and right corners, I thought they sounded

pretty decent considering the size of the

laptop, not amazing but definitely above average

for a laptop. They got loud enough at maximum

volume, and the latencymon results looked


The Swift 5 is powered by a 4 cell 56wh battery.

Despite not being that large, it lasted for

almost 7 and a half hours when just watching

YouTube with the screen on 50% brightness

and keyboard lighting off, a great result

when compared to others I’ve tested. I didn’t

bother testing the usual game I use for battery

life though due to the Iris graphics.

Thermal testing was completed with an ambient

room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately

Hardware Info didn’t report details regarding

the Iris graphics, so I’ve just got CPU

temperatures while running my usual Aida64

CPU stress test and Heaven GPU benchmark,

and this represents a worst case heavy load.

The CPU temperature at idle was good, and

even under this heavy load it was still fine,

no thermal throttling. The clock speeds look

low, however the i7-1065G7 operates at 1.3GHz

base clock with a 15W TDP. The 3.9GHz speed

listed on the spec sheet is only for brief

single core turbo boosts. I don’t have undervolting

results, as even a small -0.05v undervolt

was unstable.

Here’s what the CPU performance was looking

like in Cinebnech. All of these are quad core

CPUs, however the top two have much higher

power limits and are larger machines, so better

performance is expected. This is only the

second time I’ve had a laptop with this

CPU, however it was performing better than

the Razer Blade Stealth 13 with same processor

- granted that one does also have higher powered

- Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics.

As for the areas where you’ll actually be

touching, it was well below the usual 30 degrees

Celsius I usually see at idle. Even with the

CPU and GPU stress test going, it’s in the

mid 30s on the keyboard, so hardly even warm,

absolutely no issues at all. Let’s have

a listen to fan noise.

It was completely silent at idle, and then

with the stress tests running it was still

extremely quiet, I’ve had gaming laptops

that idle louder than this for comparison.

All things considered, there were no issues

with the thermal performance at all. CPU temperatures

didn’t get hot as the CPU is capped to a

15 watt limit under heavy load, and this is

being reached. This results in a system that’s

cool to the touch even when you’re hitting

it hard, with that single fan hardly making

much noise at all.

Although definitely not a gaming laptop, the

Intel Iris graphics should still be capable

of some lightweight gaming, so let’s see

how well it holds up.

I’ve tested these games at 900p with the

lowest settings available. Dota 2 was easily

playable without issue, Overwatch felt a bit

stuttery, and the CS:GO results were lower,

so those two would probably benefit more from

a lower 720p resolution.

You can still play less demanding esports

titles at lower settings on the Intel graphics,

just be prepared to drop the resolution.

I’ve used Adobe Premiere to export one of

my laptop review videos at 4K. This is the

first laptop I’ve had that only has the

Intel Iris graphics, so I don’t really have

much else in a similar league to fairly compare

it to. As a result, the Swift 5 is in last

place out of the machines I’ve recently

tested due to not having discrete graphics.

I’ve used Crystal Disk Mark to test the

512gb NVMe M.2 SSD, and the speeds were respectable.

For updated pricing check the links in the

description, as prices will change over time.

At the time of recording, you can get the

Acer Swift 5 for just over $1000 USD, however

this one has half the memory of the one I

tested, I couldn’t find a 16gb model on

Amazon or Newegg. The i5 model is also available

for $900 USD.

Here in Australia, the same spec I’ve tested

seems to go for $2000 AUD, however it’s

currently on sale for $300 less, while the

i5 model typically goes for $500 less, but

it’s on sale too.

With all of that in mind, let’s conclude

by going through the good and bad aspects

of the 10th gen Acer Swift 5 laptop.

Overall I thought the build quality was decent

when you consider the smaller form factor.

Yes it does have some flex if you go out of

your way to try and bend it, but it’s perfectly

adequate during normal use and feels quite


Even for a 14 inch laptop, the Swift 5 is

on the smaller side, and at less than 1 kilogram,

the weight is impressive if portability is

your priority. As you’d expect though, this

does mean there’s less performance on offer

compared to other larger options at this price

point. This does however mean that it doesn’t

get hot, it ran cool and quiet even under

worst case stress test.

That said I thought the CPU performance was

fair, but tasks that would benefit from discrete

graphics such as video exporting were slower,

but that’s part of the trade off with such

a slim machine. The Iris graphics are an improvement

over what Intel had before, however at this

time they’re still below what we’d see

from a dedicated Nvidia solution. I suspect

that wasn’t possible here due to the smaller

footprint of the Swift 5, and other laptops

around the same weight only make use of the

Intel graphics too.

Another downside of smaller laptops like this

is a lack of upgradeability, you can only

change the WiFi card or single storage slot.

Memory is soldered to the motherboard, so

you’ll need to buy with that in mind as

you can’t upgrade later.

The touchscreen was decent with above average

colour gamut and average brightness. The keyboard

and touchpad worked well, it was shame that

I wasn’t able to test the fingerprint scanner

though, hopefully it’s just some issue with

my specific unit or fingers.

Considering the size, there’s a decent range

of I/O, though USB 2.0 in 2020 seems suboptimal.

The Type-C port with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt

3, and Type-C charging in particular was nice

to have.

The battery life was also quite good, again

considering the size of both the machine and

battery, but I suppose that’s expected when

there’s no discrete graphics.

With the Swift 5, you’re absolutely paying

extra to have such a thin, light and portable

laptop. Some people, myself included, are

happy to pay this price though, even if there

are better performing options for less money

if they come at the expense of heavier and

thicker profiles.

I think the Swift 5 would be a good option

for a business user that travels frequently

with a laptop, but doesn’t need discrete

graphics power.

Let me know what you thought about the 10th

gen Acer Swift 5 laptop down in the comments,

$100 in ONE DAY! Just DRAW LINES Make Money Online Using Your Phone Only

how we can earn money online with drawing (art) or..

How to make money online with Digital Arts?

"make money online"

I will share to you what is Digital Arts and how we can make money from it.

But before we start I would like to thank XP-PEN for 2 drawing tablets,

The Deco mini 4 and Deco mini 7.

Today we will have an unboxing and product review of these 2 drawing tablets from XP-PEN

Make sure to stay until the end of this video to know how we can earn online using these tablets.

That's it for our unboxing product review of Deco mini 4 and Deco mini 7 from XP-PEN.

Before we proceed on how we can make money online using Digital Art, let us know first what is Digital Art?

Digital art is defined as an artistic creation produced using digital technology.

Digital art is like any other art but the the tools used in digital art are different with tools in traditional art.

In traditional art, you will need to buy materials to be used in your traditional drawing

like brushes, pencils, oils, watercolors, sketchbook etc.

While on the other hand, in digital art, all the tools you need are already in the system or in your device.

It will depend on the software you will use in drawing.

Now, let's proceed on how we can make money online using digital art.

The first way to make money online using digital art is by seeking or accepting commissions.

The best place to start is to showcase your work in social media (platforms).

Start posting your work on your Facebook with caption,

"I'm accepting commissions in portraits, Facebook page cover or Facebook page logo."

You may send a message to different Facebook pages if they want to have a logo, Facebook cover or Facebook page templates.

As you know, online selling is in demand today.

You can also find client on YouTube.

Just email YouTubers if they want to have group channel art, YouTube logo or thumbnails.

Now, the second way for us to earn money in digital art is to sell your art in different marketplaces.

Selling your digital art might be one of the best ways to make money online as an artist.

So, where can we sell our digital art?

Here are the 10 marketplaces where you can sell your digital art online.

You can sell your digital art in Creative Market, Design Cuts, Art Web, Big Cartel, This is a Limited Edition,

Artist Shops, Society6, Etsy, Zazzle or in Red Bubble.

The third way for us to earn money online using digital art is by selling merchandise using your digital art.

The second way to earn is quite related to the third way but they are different.

The second way is by selling your digital art in marketplaces

while the third way is by using your digital art to sell merchandise.

You will sell the merchandise with your art.

You will get your art printed on tangible products.

Here, you will use print on demand or drop shipping service.

Here, you will have to take care of the printing, packaging, branding

and also the shipping of your products to your customers.

If you don't know where to have your merchandise printed with your art.

You may try print on demand services like Society6, Zazzle and Printbook.

Now, what are the merchandise you can sell with your digital art?

you can sell wedding invitations, party decorations, greeting cards, birthday cards, thanksgiving cards,

diaries, journals, planners, t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes, pillowcases, towel, phone cases, or mugs.

You can put your artwork on a mug or any other souvenirs or gifts.

You can sell all those merchandise with your artwork.

Cool, right?

When you sell merchandise with your artwork, you should have reasonable price.

because you will still pay for the print on demand services.

For example, I have given away Big Five Fan t-shirt.

I made the design then have it printed.

I paid for the printing services.

That's how it is.

If you will sell that merchandise, a percentage of your income will go to print on demand service.

Now for you to become a freelance digital artist,

First, you need to create an account or portfolio in freelancing portals.

Here are the 10 freelancing portals or websites where you can apply as a freelance digital artist.

First is in Fiverr.

Second is in UpWork.

Third is in TopTal.

Fourth is in Simply Hired

Fifth is in People per Hour.

Sixth is in Aquent

Seventh is in Crowded.

Eighth is in The Creative Group.

Ninth is in 99Designs.

Lastly is in Freelancers.

When you are already in the freelancing portals that I mentioned, you'll have to find the client.

Here, you will work with your client.

You can have one, two or three clients.

When you are starting as a freelance artist, it will require hard work, skill and years of persistence

before you become well-established or well known.

Here, you will need to build your portfolio to have good ratings from your clients that will lead to more clients.

And the fifth and last way to make money online in digital art is by making digital art tutorials.

Or become a social media influencer.

Now, if you don't like selling or marketing your skills with clients, you don't like commission-based,

You can do art tutorials.

You can make digital art tutorials in YouTube, Facebook.

You will just need equipment in filming your tutorials.

You can do speed art.

As you all know, I have a second channel which is Tonet's Art where I do drawing art tutorials.

Just like this, I do speed art.

But in my second channel, it's about traditional art.

But I am planning to do digital art tutorials.

As of now, I am still learning digital art.

It's my first time to use a drawing tablet.

Make sure you are subscribed to my second channel so we can learn digital art all together!

You just need to film while drawing.

Your goal here is to monetize your YouTube channel.

To monetize your YouTube channel:

1. You need to have 1000 subscribers.

2. You have to reach 4000 watch hours.

That's it.

Those are the 5 ways to earn money online using digital art.

Digital art is one of the best way to make money online.

If you have talent or skills in drawing, why not try digital art and make money from it.

This ends our Post, dailyonline